What is Littlefoot?


LittlefootCMS was initially intended for the sole purpose of making web development as easy as possible. It has evolved a great deal over the years and now makes website management simple as well.

High Speed

This is a very fast CMS. With the right web server configuration, you can see page execution times around 1ms, even on budget server solutions.

Open Source

This software is released under the BSD License. You can use it however you please, but must not remove the license, pretend you wrote it, or hold us liable for anything that comes from using it.

What's included with LittlefootCMS?

Full Control

Manage your website with ease using the Littlefoot CMS Admin

Skin Editing

Create, edit, and share your themes with the Littlefoot skin editor.

ORM Library

Developers can utilize databases intuitively with the built-in Littlefoot ORM Library.

Reliable Updates

Stay up to date with regular releases and roll back to earlier versions effortlessly.

User Management

Manage your users, client accounts, administrators, and more.

Access Control

Create groups and grant or revoke access to any website or admin page.

SEO Ready

Optimized to facilitate maximum exposure of your content and products.

Developer Support

Littlefoot is actively supported by a passionate community of open-source developers.

Who is using Littlefoot?


Download littlefoot.zip

[ tar.gz | -dev.zip | -dev.tar.gz ]

  1. 1) Download littlefoot.zip and unzip to public_html
  2. 2) Visit http://yourdomain.com/littlefoot/
  3. 3) You will be prompted for MySQL database credentials
    1. 3a) If you need to create a database in cPanel first, follow these instructions
  4. 4) Once you enter all the database information and provide an admin password, click Install.

You should now be presented with the Littlefoot Admin. Read about how to use it here.

Our numbers and Social

  • Apps: 5
  • Themes: 1
  • Plugins: 2
  • Commits: 701
  • Devs: 3