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There are 6 default admin sections: Dashboard, Skins, Plugins, Users, ACL, and Settings. Each of these sections will allow you to manage your website content. Beyond these tools, certain apps may come with an administration section to manage them, which is accessible in the admin just below the built-in systems noted above.



The Dashboard consists of the navigation menu, the hidden navigation menu, the app gallery, and the app store.


The Skins manager allows you to select the default skin, edit your downloaded skins, generate a blank skin, and allows you to download new skins via the skin store.


Plugins can be associated with hooks defined in Littlefoot as well as within apps. This manager allows you to control the associated hooks.


With this tool, you can manage users. Add new users and optionally send them an email with their new credentials, update users and optionally update the password, or delete users.


This tool may still need some work, but as it stands now, you can define Global access control on navigation items that can be overridden by User access control and optionally Inherit access between users and groups.


Finally, the settings manager provides control over certain flags (like enabiling rewrite or sign up), and other settings like Force URL. This is also where one would upgrade to the latest release or restore an old one. There is also a section to rerun the install.sql from an app that may be missing tables, etc.


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Report Bug

Link to GitHub issue reporting.


This is a list of links to the admin section of apps that have them.

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