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Create a file at LF/skins/myskin/index.php and select it as the default skin in Skins


%{relbase}% - $lf->relbase

%{skinbase}% - The public folder of the skin (ie, lf/skins/myskin/)

If you link to a CSS or JS file from the index,

<link href="%{skinbase}%/css/custom.css" rel="stylesheet">

<script src="%{skinbase}%/js/myscripts.js"></script>

it will appear as a link on the right. Clicking that link will open an editor for that file, saving it with content will create the file.


If you create a home.php from the skin editor, it will make a copy of index.php and load home.php when the home page is loaded on the front end.


Use the .lf class in a parent element to use our built in framework.


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